Two Year Old Program

Our two year old children start their day with free play, breakfast, and playground. The children then enjoy crafts, easel painting, centers, and story time. Following lunch and rest time, they have free play or playground time. Our twos are learning to share, follow directions, and socialize with their peers. They are developing language skills to help communicate with others. The two year old program is developed around units, including all about me, fall, nutrition, nursery rhymes, circus animals, May flowers, and summer fun.

$185 Application Fee includes - registration, materials, and programs.


Two's and Not Yet Three Program Tuition:

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Half day - 8:30 - 11:30 AM

All day - 8:30 AM - 3:15 PM

 Annual4 equal payments per month9 months per year
2 half days$1,950.00$54.17$216.67
3 half days$2,840.00$78.89$315.56
4 half days$3,405.00$94.58$378.33
5 half days$3,970.00$110.28$441.11
2 all days$3,980.00$110.56$442.22
3 all days$5,730.00$159.17$636.67
4 all days$7,110.00$197.50$790.00
5 all days$8,490.00$235.83$943.33


Prepaid Early Fees:

7:30 - 8:30 AM

 Annual4 equal payments per month9 months per year
1 day$225.00$6.25$25.00
2 days$440.00$12.22$48.89
3 days$665.00$18.47$73.89
4 days$872.50$24.24$96.94
5 days$1,080.00$30.00 $120.00
Drop-in Use$7.00/day  

Prepaid Extended:

3:15 to 5:30 PM

 Annual4 equal payments per month9 months per year
1 day$450.00$12.50$25.00
2 days$875.00$24.31$97.22
3 days$1,230.00$34.17$136.67
4 days$1,742.50$48.33$193.61
5 days$2,160.00$60.00 $240.00
Drop-in Use$14.00/day  

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