About Our Staff

Center staff are selected with great care, with in-service professional growth as part of their commitment to the Center's philosophy. Operated since 1953, many teachers have served our children for decades and some were students of Milford Mill Child Development Center themselves. Our staff brings experience, dedication, nurturing, and love to our children. Teachers truly make our center a great place to grow.

Meet Our Staff

cdc staff

Barbara Kays - Co-Director

Barbara has been working in early childhood education for 39 years, 37 of those have been at Milford Mill. Her 3 children attended the CDC and 3 of her grandchildren came to our summer program.
When we first moved to Baltimore our pediatrician recommended MMCDC. We stayed because of the loving atmosphere. We liked the way the teachers talked to the children and to each other.  - Barbara Kays

Beverlee Weston - Co-Director

Beverlee has been working in early childhood for 44 years. She graduated from Milford as a kindergartner and then was an intern/ aide while going to high school and college. Beverlee returned to MMCDC after retiring from the Baltimore City Public School System in 2010. She currently teaches the kindergarten class and is co-director. Her children attended Milford as did her sister and several nieces and nephews.

Veronica Barnes

Veronica is a teacher’s aide. She has been working with the extended program for five years.

Bridget Brown

Bridget is the co-teacher for the kindergarten class. She has been working at Milford Mill for 26 years. Bridget’s daughters, son, and one granddaughter attended MMCCDC.
“I am proud of our outstanding reputation. We were the proto-type for state programs.” - Bridget Brown

Tess DeAntoniis

Tess is a teacher’s aide and chef. She arrives early to prepare the breakfasts and then assists in the TWO’s Not Yet Three class. Tess has worked in early childhood for 24 years. The last 6 years have been at MMCDC.

Mary Ann Epperly

Mary Ann has worked at the CDC for 20 ½ years. Currently, Mary Ann is using her teaching skills in the three’s, pre-k, and extended classes. Her daughters and 2 grandchildren attended MMCDC. Mary Ann thought teaching in a pre-school would be fun.
It has been very rewarding. - Mary Ann Epperly

Ingrid Sampson

Ingrid Sampson is our music teacher. She has been teaching music and playing the organ for our Chapel services for the past 21 years.
I began working at MMCCDCto share the joy of music and to get children on a lifelong path of learning and loving music. - Ingrid Sampson

Susan Vein

Susan has been working in early childhood for 31 years. She has been at Milford Mill for 20 years, currently teaching the TWO’s Not Yet Threes.  Her daughter, granddaughter, and cousins all attended MMCDC.
The reputation of MMCDC was very well known. After my first visit, I wanted to work here. - Susan Vein

Ginger Steiger 

Ginger is the teacher for the three year old class. She will celebrate her 20th anniversary at Milford Mill CDC in September. She has been working in early childhood education for a total of 33 years. Mrs. Steiger had worked in another center similar to Milford before moving to Carroll County.

Susan Reisler Griffith 

Susan is a co-teacher in the pre-kindergarten class. She has been working at Milford Mill CDC for 24 years. Both of her sons attended the CDC along with nieces and nephews.