At Milford Mill Church Child Development Center, we provide programs for children ages 2 to 5.  Children may attend for morning or all day programs, from two to five days per week.  In addition, the Center provides a full day kindergarten program.


Two Year Old Program

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Our two year old children start their day with free play, breakfast and playground. The children then enjoy crafts, easel painting, centers, and story time. Following lunch and rest time, they have free play or playground time. Our twos are learning to share, follow directions, and socialize with their peers. They are developing language skills to help communicate with others. The two year old program is developed around units, including all about me, fall, nutrition, nursery rhymes, circus animals, May flowers, and summer fun.

Three Year Old Program

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Our three year old children start their day with breakfast and together time where they talk about the calendar, weather, and their current unit. They move on to centers, where they participate in art projects or other activities. After work time, the class shares a story and they conclude the morning on the playground. Following lunch, the children participate in a teacher directed activity and then rest. Following rest and snack, the children have free play or participate in a teacher directed activity. The three year old program is developed around monthly units including friends, seasons, farms, winter, and growing.

Four Year Old/Pre-Kindergarten Program

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Our four year old children begin their day in a similar fashion to our two and three year old children. They enjoy breakfast, lunch, and time on the playground. Our pre-kindergarten children are also focused on units including the alphabet, blending sounds, numbers, patterns, sorting, money values, and telling time. In addition, they are studying the five senses, fire prevention, and the life cycle of the butterfly among many other fun and educational topics.


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Our kindergarten program provides a balanced variety of experiences which foster continuing development and positive growth in emotional, social, physical and cognitive areas for each child. Concepts are introduced and developed using a multi-sensory approach. The manipulation of concrete materials provides a foundation which later can be expanded to the understanding of abstract ideas. The entire kindergarten program is structured to develop positive experiences which will facilitate the growth of each child's feelings of self worth. There is much opportunity to individualize programs based on our observations, parent-teacher conferences, staff analysis or formal evaluations of progress. Our goal is to provide an environment where each child will encounter opportunities to fully develop in all areas. 

Special Programming

In addition to the standard curriculum, Center children enjoy special programming to include:

        • Creative Arts
        • Chapel
        • Library
        • Music
        • DUSO (puppet guided social skills program for pre-k)
        • Geography (kindergarten)
        • Sign Language (kindergarten)