To offer all children and their families a place where they may grow in a socially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually secure and loving atmosphere. IMG_0206

Mission Statement:

The Center operates as part of the total church program; and our point of view is in keeping with the Protestant Christian tradition. Children from homes of every religious and cultural background are welcome and each belief is respected. The center's purpose is to offer young children an opportunity for superior learning experiences in group settings. Concern for each child as a person is basic to our philosophy; and we seek to create an atmosphere which is intellectually stimulating, emotionally relaxed, physically wholesome, socially maturing, and permeated with love. IMG_0486 maria reading


Three words summarize this philosophy: freedom with limits. In practice, this means that every child enrolled in our programs will:

  1. Be considered in terms of his or her needs in relation to individual development and the ability of the Center to meet those needs
  2. Gain confidence in his or her ability to achieve realistic goals
  3. Begin to acquire respect for personalities, lifestyles, and abilities which differ from his or her own experience
  4. Grow in understanding the requirements of successful group living
  5. Learn to accept limits which secure and preserve his or her rights
  6. Become aware of personal responsibility for his or her behavior, and of the necessity to accept natural consequences of this behavior
The Center's approach is one that fosters optimal growth of children while helping provide a foundation for later learning in a more structured environment. Enrollment is open to children of all racial and religious backgrounds who are between the ages of two and through kindergarten. The Center gives attention to group balance and tone, and to the special needs of individual children and their families.